Special Events

2017 Iyengar Yoga Study with Matt Dreyfus, Kevin, Bobbi, Rebecca and Dean

Matt D Immerse yourself in a rich and fulfilling Iyengar Yoga experience. This series of monthly Saturday workshops and weekend workshops throughout 2017 are designed to help students create a strong foundation in the practice of Yoga that will support a lifetime of practice. Classes with Matt will be directed toward this foundational work, and include comprehensive exploration of all categories of Asana and basic Pranayama. This program is designed to give students an opportunity to deepen their Iyengar Yoga understanding through more regular study. There are two components to the program: 1) Monthly classes with Matt Dreyfus, 2) Four Weekend Workshops.

Saturday Workshops - NEW TIME *11 AM-1:30 PM*
July 8, Oct 7, Nov 4; $50 per class

Weekends ($50 F $75 SA AM $50 SA PM $75 SU AM; $210 All 4)
March 24-26 Kevin Gardiner
June 23-25 Bobbi Goldin
Sept 15-17 Rebecca Lerner
December 1-3 Dean Lerner

Other Upcoming Events

As of 8/26, Simply Yoga will no longer be operating at this location.

Rebecca Lerner September 15-16-17, 2017

Dean Lerner Iyengar Workshop, Dec. 1-2-3 2017