Zulema Vincens-Mortman

Zulema Vicens-Mortman

Zulema completed her 200-hour RYT training at Simply Yoga with Carol Cook, David Thurn, and Nagisa Manabe. She has had additional training with respected Iyengar teachers, including Kevin Gardiner, Dean Lerner, Bobbi Golden, Colleen Gallagher, and Matt Dreyfus. She taught dance for 20 years, for 16 of which she owned and operated her own dance studio in Princeton, NJ. What drew Zulema to Iyengar Yoga is its focus on alignment and its careful methods for tailoring the asanas to the individual needs of the student, making it accessible to everyone. She feels that yoga has brought a sense of self-awareness, peace, harmony, and balance to her life, and she hopes to pass those gifts along to her students.


Zulema's Class Schedule

Friday9:30 AM - 10:45 AMAt Alchemy/Multi-Level