Our Philosophy

Welcome. Yoga is for everyone. We hope that you will relax, restore, and renew through your practice of yoga. We embrace all who are interested in yoga, from raw beginners to the seasoned yogi. We hope that within our broad range of instructors and offerings you will find something that suits your needs. If at any time you have any questions or comments about Simply Yoga, please feel free to reach out to Carol, David or Nagi in person, on line or by phone. Your comments are always welcome. This center is for all of us.

Yoga is a source of joy, clarity, and inner freedom. You do not need to be limber to practice yoga—or athletic, or "spiritual," or even able-bodied. At Simply Yoga, we invite you to start where you are and to treat the practice as an exploration.

Yoga is an adventure. Each time we practice, we encounter the known ("There's my tight shoulder again!") and the unknown ("Wow! There is actually a way to release that shoulder!"). We encounter new sensations and new realizations. We focus so intently on exactly what is happening in the moment that our habitual mental chatter starts to quiet down and we experience ourselves—perhaps for the first time—as something other than a restless mind.

Yoga does not ask you to believe in anything, but rather to find out for yourself what is true. A curious and observant attitude is the key to progress along the path of yoga.

Yoga is non-competitive and non-comparative. In this sense, a yoga class can provide an alternative to the way much of the world feels to us much of the time. In our classes at Simply Yoga, you are encouraged to be sensitive to your body and its needs and to honor your limitations while you work toward greater freedom. We ask you not to compare yourself with others. Physical, mental, and emotional transformation will come to those who practice with attention and consistency no matter where he or she starts from.

Yoga is about learning, not just about doing. At Simply Yoga, teachers give clear, detailed instructions and provide individual attention. Through this attentive, supportive instruction, students learn to become their own teachers, to know how to modify the poses to meet their individual needs, and to be able to practice independently if they wish to cultivate a home practice.

Yoga awakens what B.K.S. Iyengar calls "the intelligence of the body." Intelligence is not only in the brain or the mind, but in the body as a whole. Too many people live disconnected from their bodies and this disconnection is a cause of both mental and physical suffering. Yoga leads us progressively inward and progressively toward integration. As we become ever more attuned to exactly what is happening in every part of the body and to how the various body parts relate to and influence one another, we become peaceful inside.

Yoga is fun and fun is therapeutic. A good yoga class includes humor and laughter. Laughter helps us feel relaxed and connected with others. The feeling in the yoga room is one of camaraderie and shared discovery. We are all in this together and we are each supported by the presence of our classmates.

Last Modified: April 27, 2015